Parallel Space APK

Introduction to the Parallel Space Apk

If you want to use multiple accounts in very same application at same time in own space, you can do it now. The Parallel Space Apk is the right place to use multiple accounts with fantastic features through your mobile device.

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The Parallel Space Apk ranked as the best tool for Android device and and it can use to use multiple user accounts simultaneously. You can have your own style through the Parallel Space,and the application currently helping 90 million users worldwide.

To hide your privacy while using the Parallel Space through a security lock, you can use the incognito installation feature. You can style as own by customizable themes of the cloned app of Space Parallel. The application is supportable to more Android apps and compatible with more than 24 languages.

Parallel Space APK
February 2, 2024
18 MB
LBE Technology
Requires Android 4.4 or later

Description of Parallel Space App

Without other cloned apps, clone and run multiple accounts using themes to your style in unique space is the Parallel Space App.

  • Log into multiple accounts of special networking apps or game apps through one device at same time
  • The application balances the user's work and the life by making it easy. While gaming, the users can experience the double users online game accounts to have more fun.

    All apps in the Parallel Space supported a second account. If you are afraid of data mixing, the data in both accounts would not get mixed up or interfer in others work.

  • Protect user privacy with making apps invisible
  • Hiding accounts in a secret space can do via the application. It can continue by installation of application using incognito feature. And a security lock can use in securing user privacy.

  • Customized space by applying themes
  • A list of customized themes that are integrated with thee store of the app is ready to serve the users to have in amazing styles. The user can switch into different themes according to the mood of the user.

  • Switch fast between accounts
  • Running two accounts at same time and switch between accounts with one tap is an effective feature in managing different accounts.

  • Permission
  • The Space Parallel needs to grant permission from the device to function through it. Without applying permissions, you cannot use some options inside the application.

  • Consumption
  • The Parallel Space Apk application is does not take much memory space inside the device. Other than that, battery, and data usage will not get much consumed by the app. You can view the details through "Storage" and "Task Manager" that found in Settings. You can get to know the app does not consume much device resources. Without the need of root privileges, the application can settle on your device.

  • Notifications
  • You can functions the notifications well by adding the Parallel Space to whitelist or exceptional list.

  • Conflict
  • As the same mobile number in running both multiple accounts. Use different numbers to different accounts and the app should access through the number in first login instance.

  • Highlights
  • The application is powerful, easy to use and stable in condition. The Parallel Space is first application virtualization engine that can use two different user accounts based on Android.

Parallel Space Apk App in Android Mobiles/Tablets (Multiple Accounts in same device)

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Creating a separate space in your Android device can do through the Parallel Space. Once the user gets the app, the user has to sign up to the account through the displaying icon of the downloaded app.

Add Parallel Space to the device, and you can have another account through the previous Download application through the displaying icon on the Parallel Space. Users can easily switch into the accounts without rewriting email id and password.

You cannot get Parallel Space through the Google Play Store and you can have it free and securely from here.

Download Parallel Space Apk

Parallel Space APK for Android 13 and Android 14

Check out the latest Parallel Space APK, now fully updated for Android 13 and the fresh Android 14! This app lets you run multiple accounts of the same app on one device. It's super easy to use, and with the new update, it runs smoother than ever. Whether for gaming or social media, Parallel Space makes juggling your digital life a breeze. Download the updated APK today and experience the convenience of multi-account management on your Android device.

Parallel Space for iOS 17, 16, 15 and 12 Versions

The application with wonderful features that can use in gaming, use multiple social networking apps relative accounts now can have in iOS devices. The iPhone ranges from older versions to latest, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch compatible with the Parallel Space application.

Get the Parallel Space from here as the Google Play Store does not support it.

Parallel Space for PCs, Windows and macOS

The users can download and use the Parallel Space for app's switching function in a virtual space, in Windows devices, Laptop devices and Mac OS.

  1. Prefer a device to have Apk as Windows device or to the device you are willing to have.
  2. Download an emulator to operate application as Blue Stacks or Nox App Player.
  3. Go to one of Google browser or Firefox browser and open it.
  4. Download the Parallel Space Apk file from there.
  5. After downloading, install the application through the Blue Stack or Nox App Player emulator that you had chosen.
  6. You can now enjoy the application.

How to use Parallel Space App in Same App usage

The first application virtualization engine on Android is the Parallel Space. The steps to follow in using the application is simple. You can maintain two accounts in personal apps through the simultaneous access via the Parallel Space.

You should prepare an each mobile number to use in accounts.

After downloading the application to the device, install it on your device. After it, choose the app that want to run in Parallel Space. You can either select the app that wants yo run from other apps using the "+" button on the screen. The virtualization will begin then. You can now manage the accounts on device's apps through the Parallel Space. If you want to customize it, use a theme from theme store and you can change it through picking up another one from the same theme store.

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Change Log of Parallel Space

  1. Fully compatible with Android 14
  2. Optimized the overall performance
  3. Bug fixing

Multitasking Assistant

Parallel Space is an extremely interesting application. By the usage of this application, you can use multi number of accounts for any other apps in the device. The feature is helpful and useful for users who are deeply engage in social networking and gaming. The Parallel Space is an Multi tasking application that assists you with many interesting features.

Download Parallel Space APK Free

Download Parallel Space APK