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Get to know about app cloner premium apk unlocked app

App Cloner is the best tool for apps cloning in which users are allowed to create multiple copies of your favorite apps and help in using multiple accounts in your smartphones. You will be able to run two apps simultaneously with the same device hardware capability. Cloner premium apps are a good solution for those who have multiple social media accounts or for those who have several gaming IDs. Cloned apps will run in Parallel and if you need you can make this application a floating window app.

By using app cloner premium the users can create multiple copies of games or social media applications and they will be able to easily switch to any of those accounts without logging out from them.

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Android cloner premium mod apk application does not require any special requirements but your device hardware should be capable of running multiple apps at a time or else you would face some difficulties.

The specialty of app cloner premium mod application is that it protects your privacy with the use of incognito login mode. So you will be able to use any app in the incognito mode and it will keep you protected from any online trackers. By enabling this feature your confidential data and credentials of cloned apps will be protected from hackers and scrapers.

You have the ability to clone premium apps as in GBwhatsapp, Gmail, messenger and many other applications only with the aid of premium versions of apk cloner.

In the free version many items like creating multiple app clones with batch cloning, randomize build pins to prevent device fingerprinting , remove permissions, disable auto start permission prompts and various other items are locked.

App cloner apk mod android application info

App Name: App Cloner Premium
Latest Version:
Size: 30 MB
Developer: Applisto
Requires: 4.3 and above android devices
Mod features: Full unlocked

More about android app cloner premium apk

download app cloner pro mod apk

App cloner premium and add ons mod apk can be considered as a modified version of the official app cloner application. With this application the users will be able to use all the premium features for free without spending a single penny. You can use the cloner premium mod apk without any difficulty.

As you know all the additional features that provide security to the cloned application are unlocked so you can use them unlimitedly.

App cloner premium mod has the ability to give a factor to your android devices for the compatibility of any application.

App cloner mod apk has the specialty to clone any premium app in just a few seconds without any technical errors because advanced technology is used in the system of app cloner mod apk premium unlocked . Version of app cloner is being regularly updated by developers with some new privacy options as in Google's service framework. mock Wi-Fi and mobile connection and various other options. As a result of the premium updates millions of active users are using the premium version of app cloner.

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Permissions of App cloner premium mod apk original app

  • Ability to hide mock location in premium unlocked version 2.11.0.
  • Ability in disabling auto starts and wake locks to make things secret while using Facebook Instagram.
  • Can enable floating apps and free- form windows.
  • Ability to make a fake custom time zone.
  • Has disabled the accessibility access.
  • Prevents screenshots for a specific app.
  • Has changed the cloned app launcher icon.
  • Can assign custom package name

Requirements of cloner app

As you need to run two apps simultaneously it is important to have the hardware capacity. Also the device should contain a ram capacity of 3Gb and a strong multi core processor to process the doubled data.

Features of app cloner premium apk

  • Identity and tracking options
  • App Cloner Premium apk has the capability of hiding the android id and spoofing the location which will protect you when you are getting access to any unprotected apps. You will also be able to change google advertising id and google service framework Id if you want to get rid of annoying ads. To prevent device fingerprinting you can randomize build props. You can easily change the name and icon of the application, disable run automatically and the users ca remove permissions or allow a cloned application to be installed on the SD card.

  • Premium features unlocked
  • In the free version of app cloner you will only be able to do a basic cloning but in the mod version or the app cloner premium apk app you have the chance to use any premium feature unlimited for free.

  • Clone premium apps
  • In the cloned app free version you will not be able to clone premium apps as in Gmail, GBwhatsapp, Yowhatsapp , Parallel Space, and other premium apps. But in the app cloner premium version or in the cracked apk app you are capable of cloning any premium app as you wish without facing any errors.

  • Privacy options
  • The most helpful feature of app cloner premium apk is that you can disable access to contacts and call logs for any application.

  • Media option edit features
  • You can easily prevent the app cloner from changing volume or else you can mute while the app is in the foreground. The ability to change or disable activity transitions of the app cloner is very helpful in saving battery when any application is running in the background.

    More features
  • Amazing user interface.
  • No crash.
  • Zoomable image views.
  • No human verification required.

How to download and install premium app cloner

install app cloner pro mod apk


  1. First you need to click on the download app cloner link.
  2. Then you will be redirected to the app cloner premium download page and click on the start Download button in order to download the app cloner premium in to your device.
  3. After downloading the app cloner premium app then you need to go to the file manager and open your downloaded app cloner premium apk file. If you are installing an apk for the first time then you will asked some permissions.
  4. You should allow all the necessary permissions by clicking on the settings option. If you didn't get any warning just skip this step.
  5. After you have allowed the permissions , you need to press the back button and again try to install the apk file then the app cloner premium apk file will be installed without any error.
  6. You must make sure that you have uninstalled any previously installed version of app cloner before installing the app cloner premium version, if not an installation failed error will occur.

Download app cloner premium drawbacks

  • The app wont work on old devices
  • In devices in which single core or dual core processors are there cloning might be difficult because the old hardware will not be capable of supporting multitasks. Also old devices consists of a less ram capacity which will not be enough to install the app.

  • Not all apps can be cloned
  • Not all the apps can be cloned because of the google policies and also because of different architecture of certain apps. So becasue of that some apps might be subjected to crashes and malfunctions when you try to clone them. So always make sure that apps are in the support list of the app cloner before you start cloning.

Frequently asked questions about clone features

01. Is app cloning features safe?

Yes, app cloner premium is 100% safe and the app cloner provides the users with a good security while they are using unauthorized or unprotected apps. You can also add more security to app as your preference.

02. Is it safe to use clone mod apk?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use the app cloner premium and add one clone mod apk in any device. The app is tested for antivirus before introducing to the users. So you will be able to use the App without compromising your privacy and security. So it will be safe to download and install this stable version to use multiple accounts at once.

03. What will I get in this mod apk download?

In the apk mod version you will be given;

  • Identity and tracking
  • Premium features unlocked
  • No ads
  • Batch cloning
  • Customize icons

So to conclude cloner app is a very useful app for you to install multiple copies or have multiple accounts on the same android device. So hurry up , install app and download app cloner premium latest version android app for android device and experience the mod features while you use the social media with two accounts.

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