App Cloner Premium APK

What is App Cloner Premium Mod APK?

The social media users it is badly wants to have a way to switch on their accounts. As there are many ways to create only one account on Android device, it is an inconvenient to have multiple accounts. As to deal with solving the matter arise with it, the users can use the App Cloner Premium that is essentially needs software on Android devices that allows users to have multiple accounts on the same device.

download app cloner premium mod

App Cloner Premium Apk is the best apps cloning tool that allows the Android users to create multiple copies of their favorite and existing applications in the smart devices. The user can run two apps simultaneously with same device hardware capability. The App Cloner is really helpful for the gamers with different gaming IDs, and who are running with multiple social media accounts.

App Cloner is the best application for creating and install multiple copies with use multiple logins in apps without conflict the data with the original account. The cloned app does not affect on original app and will run in Parallel with works.

Premium Version of App Cloner

With the help of the App Cloner Name app cloner premium app can create multiple copies of games or social media apps and can easily switch to any account without logging out of each account.

The App Cloner is a premium app, but it does not need premium or special requirements to use it. It only wants to ensure that the device hardware is capable of running multiple accounts at same time. Most importantly, the users can keep protecting their privacy through incognito login mode. With the help of the incognito mode, you can get safe from vulnerable online trackers. The incognito mode can enable while cloning the certain app.

You can clone premium apps like GBWhatsapp, Gmail, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the premium version of the Apk Cloner. With many essential steps like cloner offers a multitude of modding options in app cloned with batch cloning, randomized build pins to prevent device fingerprinting, remove permissions and disable permission prompts and many others in free version.

The premium App Cloner is a modified or cracked version of the official App Cloner app. You can access all the premium features of without paying a single penny for it. The unlocked premium features can use in unlimited times without any limitations using multiple app clones.

What does it do?

The App Cloner Premium Apk allows you to clone and run different accounts in a parallel environment on your Android devices. The Cloner premium is extremely helpful in having quick switch between different social media accounts, game accounts, and the use it without having in log out of all cloned apps accounts.

Features of App Cloner Premium APK

download app cloner premium apk

It is important for you to have a device with a hardware capability to run a stable version of Cloner premium mod apk file. If not, you will run into problems while doing app cloning and use of multiple accounts. These are the mod features of the App Cloner Premium Application.

  • Clone Premium Apps
  • In the free version of App Cloner app, the user cannot clone premium apps like Gmail, GBWhatsapp, Parallel Space, Twitter or many other apps.

    But, with the App Cloner Premium Apk, you can clone any premium app according to the choice of the user as the app is modified in such a way where the user can clone any desired application without having drawbacks.

  • Identification and Tracking Options
  • If the user wants to change or hiding the Android ID of your device, the App Cloner Premium Apk is the best solution for it. Using the App Cloner Premium, you can also change the Google Advertising ID and Google Service Framework ID to get rid of the annoying ads.

  • Privacy
  • The most popular feature of the App Cloner Premium is that is enables the access to contacts and call logs for any app.

    Incognito mode with for cloned apps along with the incognito keyboard that safeguard user from data thieves.

  • Media Editing
  • The user can easily prevent the app from changing volume or mute while app in the foreground. The user can change or disable activity transitions really helps to save battery when an app is running on background.

  • Powerful and Stable
  • The App Cloner Premium is extremely useful in impressive performances and good stability. The app can get installed on most Android devices with a little comparison.

  • Completely Free
  • The App Cloner Premium Mod Apk provides with a zero cost with its awesome features. If you are an Android user, you can easily have the App Cloner Premium Mod file in Android and use it free of charge.

    The App Cloner offers some other features like,
  • Wake locks or convert to other accounts.
  • Disable auto start.
  • Remove permissions or allow to use a feature.
  • App customization options.
  • No crash.
  • Replace launcher icons.
  • Amazing user interface.
  • Zoomable image views.
  • No human verification required.

Can have through the App Cloner Premium version.

Download App Cloner

Download App Cloner Premium Application

Download App Cloner Premium application and it can easily download and install on Android using the apk file in convert your app to a cloned app.

If you want to download and app to be installed on your device, use the App Cloner mod version of the app and download.

To successfully download the app into your device, follow these steps mentioned below.


  1. Go ahead with download App Cloner Premium given link and click on the download button. After it, you will redirect to the App Cloner Premium download page.
  2. Click on the Download button to get the app downloaded on to your device.
  3. After the download get succeed, you can locate the downloaded premium unlocked Android app is on your download list through the all apps.
  4. Next you can continue in installing the downloaded App Cloner Premium application.

Install App Cloner Premium Application

install app cloner premium mod apk

By following these mentioned apps, you can succeed in installing the App Cloner Premium application on your device.


  1. First of all, allow all required permissions by clicking on the Settings option. If you did not turn on the Unknown Services application installation earlier, you will ask to enable it. It puts app into a floating window app.
  2. Next, after the permissions are granted, you can go back and click on the Install button again on the apk of App Cloner.
  3. If you choose the location of installing as sd card, the application will be installed on the sd card. The App Cloner Premium version will get installed on your device within seconds.
  4. After the installation is successful, launch the app on the app list and open it through the shortcut. If the user wants, the app name and icon you can remove from appearing to outside for the privacy statements.
  5. Now, you can allow a cloned app to operate using App Cloner and have simultaneous social media experience using multiple accounts around with an app.

File Information

App Name: App Cloner
Genres: Tools
Latest Version: 2.11.1
Requirement: Android 4.0.3+
Mod Features: Fully Unlocked
Developer: App Listo

Now, using the App Cloner Premium application's latest version, the user can clone apps. The App Cloner introduced as an app for Android and the apk will let you to have the premium unlocked version of the application.

The user can use strong internet connection through mobile internet services or Wi fi around the device to connect with the internet. Get started with app cloning and basically you can clone apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Messenger and many other premium apps also.

Download App Cloner Premium APK Free

Download App Cloner Premium APK