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Using an creating multiple accounts of the existing apps can do through the App Cloner. The App Cloner is the only multi account app that clone apps as true, independent, and installable clones. Through the app, the users are allowed make exact copies of original apps of any Android apps on the smartphone or tablet.

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Only the difference between the original app and the cloned app is that the app certificate of cloned apps will change according to the app works. Without any bigger differences, the cloned apps will work in Parallel with the original applications.

Cloned App using App Cloner

Cloning of apps is useful for Android users in multiple logins in some apps as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype. But, it does not all apps get cloned. The clone apps offers a multitude of options to tweak the new cloned app with stable version alongside. On the cloned apps, the users can change or remove the unwanted permissions, turn of automatic updates, disable auto start. In order, and the themes can get changed.

The App Cloner offers some extended functionalities to the cloned apps by add functionality password protection, incognito mode,hiding Android ID or spoofing locations with secure file deletion and the user can lock an app copy to consume data over Wi fi or mobile data. Most Google apps cannot clone apps as they require the Google Play Service permission.

The apps that certificate that depends on Google logins, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive Backup, or in app purchases will not work in cloning app.

App Cloner Premium

The App Cloner Premium allows users to use two multiple app clones at once. The simultaneous procedure can make continuosly to use two accounts at same time. The users can install multiple copies to use in personal usage and in public usage.

Users can update App Cloner to premium and get interacted with premium features of the app. The premium version has added functionalities that are different in basic cloning.

Working in Parallel with Multiple Accounts

Using the App Cloner, the user can use the power of two smartphones at once. The cloned apps run independently of the original version of the app. Using of two social media apps simultaneously can do through the app cloning in same device.

In addition to main tasks, the app that mirrored through App Cloner will not get automatically updated. The users have to keep themselves stable, fast, focused on the app and app validates to ake sure it works properly.

Premium Version Features

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The basic version of cloning apps make to have free apps, the premium app version upgrades set full of premium options in it.

  • Clone premium apps.
  • Create multiple app clone and use of batch cloning.
  • Save and backup cloned applications.
  • Replace launcher icons.
  • Identity and Tracking:
  • Change or hide Android ID, IMEI, IMSI, Wifi, Bluetooth Mac.
  • Change Google Service Framework ID.
  • Change Google Advertising ID.
  • Change user agent.
  • Hide operator information.
  • Prevent device fingerprinting.
  • Privacy:
  • Password protection including stealth mode.
  • Incognito mode and keyboard.
  • Fake time zone.
  • In app floating keyboard.
  • Disable share actions.
  • Disable accessibility access.
  • Prevent screenshots.
  • Sneeze to exit.
  • Change knox warranty bit.
  • Hide root and presence of other apps.
  • Hide product and brand names.
  • Hide mock location.
  • Disable auto fill and clipboard option.
  • Display:
  • Change status and navigation options.
  • Invert colours or dark mode.
  • Floating apps and free form windows.
  • Zoomable image views.
  • Skip dialogues.
  • Blur image views.
  • App display size.
  • Colour filter.
  • Screen saver.
  • Launcher:
  • Launcher icons.
  • Remove widgets.
  • Disable app defaults.
  • Disable background services.
  • Fake battery level.
  • Secret dialler code or outgoing call.
  • Disable screen on/off.

Download App Cloner

Download App Cloner Premium APK

Download App Cloner Pro APK

Other networking options, notification options, game options, automation options, developer options, automation and storage options are included in various versions through the Premium subscription.

Install App Cloner

To install the App Cloner Apk to the Android device you are using, you have to set up your device according to the App Cloner Apk third party app.

  1. First, enable the Unknown sources permission. Use Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.
  2. You can continue in installing the application by the showed on the floating window app. Give permissions if it asked only while installing.
  3. If the App Cloner Apk install button is disabled already, you have to temporarily disable overlay apps like chat heads, blue light filters or floating widgets.
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App Name: App Cloner
Requirement: Android 4.1+
Size: 30MB
Current Version: 2.11.1
Permission: Storage
Interactive Elements: Digital Purchases
Developer: App Listo

The app, App Cloner will be easy to getting the double app inside their smartphones. Through its interface is simple and clean by the combination of blue and white colours. Through the simple interface and the listed menu of apps, and it is easy to get understood.

The application is not available on Play Store, and it cannot download directly to the device. You can download the third party application on to the device and keep installing as mentioned above.

Besides, the cloned applications can install on the SD card. As the application installation on device might run out the device space, the users can use the external storage as the storage for cloned applications. Use of multiple accounts at the same time in much convenient to daily life.

Download App Cloner APK Free

Download App Cloner APK